Our Services

Double Dave Entertainment Provides Professional Film, Television, Video, Live Sound and Stream support for production crews and small businesses.  Our aim to add value to your company and the community.

Live Sound

We can add value to your next event with Professional Live Sound support services

Conferences & shows

Stream your next Conference or Seminar with Professional Live Stream services with us.

Production Budgeting

Get a professional budget prepared for your production.

Budgeting and Scheduling service typically packaged together for your convenience. 

Promote Your Business

When you need to get a message out quick, we can work with you to get that season promotional ad or just introduce your business to the world.

Video Editing

Complement your Live Stream service or add value to your production with professional video editing and titling.

Production Scheduling

Got a film or television production that is stalled out due to on the fly scheduling, contact us to get it under control so you can stay on time and on budget. 

Budgeting and Scheduling service typically packaged together for your convenience. 


Double Dave Entertainment is a full service film, television, video, Live Sound and Stream Production service located in Nashua, New Hampshire servicing the community, the local film makers, and supporting micro-big budget productions.  

We are here to assist you day or night with quick and easy support whether it is on-site or by remote we try to work with your schedule or we can help develop a schedule and budget that works for your production.

Nashua Community RoundTable

One premier community access program filmed, edited, and produced locally.

Production Management

Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help get your production off the ground and fully funded.

Stay local

Are working on a production in New Hampshire or Massachusetts and need support quickly, we can help we are located in the heart of Nashua New Hampshire and capable of providing Live Sound and Stream service today.

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